“Gangs & Dens” – Episode 3 Of Our DJ School Vlog Is Here

Last updated 9 November, 2018


Here’s the third part of my new 40-part weekly Learn to DJ vlog, where I’m sharing the journey as we make something brand new called “The Complete DJ Course” – the most ambitious DJ tutorial course Digital DJ Tips has ever offered to its students.

In the vlog I’ll share extra little secrets, nuggets and surprising insights, aside from what will eventually be in the course. Plus some “behind the scenes” stuff around how this kind of thing gets done here at Digital DJ Tips. You can ask questions, and I’ll make sure I reply to every one of them

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Week three… Gangs & Dens

I recorded this vlog on the way back to Digital DJ Tips HQ in Gibraltar from a great day of filming with Digital DJ Tips team members Juanmi, Joey and Steve, in Steve’s home studio in Marbella. We played with gear, worked hard, did some filming, and shared creative ideas – we got loads done and it was a great day.

It got me thinking about two things it’s a good idea to get right when you’re serious about learning to DJ – even before you start.

The first one is having somewhere awesome to work (a home studio, a corner of a room, a shed at the bottom of the garden, or indeed a company HQ ) – in other words, a “den”. Doesn’t have to be expensive, flashy, or hard to put in place – it’s the mindset change that’s important here.

And the second is having a “gang” – a team of people to come on this journey with you. Whatever you think, trust me – you aren’t going to succeed to the best of your abilities if you try to do it alone.

I explain why both things are deserving of your attention in the video.


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