DJ Skill Sessions #30: Easy Mixing Tricks For Beginners Using Serato DJ

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Begineer Club/Festival DJing DJ Skill Sessions
Last updated 3 December, 2018


This DJ Skill Session is for beginners and those just starting out in digital DJing: you can easily make quick cuts between songs by preparing your hot cues ahead of time and placing them at the start of build-ups and at the end of drops. The built-in effects of many DJ apps makes the drop transitions between songs more stylish than just quickly fading in and out. The result is split-second hot drops of tracks which are great for songs that aren’t far apart from each other in terms of tempo. We use Serato DJ Pro’s Echo Out, Filter and Version Echo in this routine on a Reloop Mixon4 controller.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Hot cues plus using FX during transitions gives you additional mix and transition options when you want to move from one song to another, or you want to keep your dancefloor on its toes by forgoing longer blends in favour of track drops at certain points in your set. Try it out!

What FX do you use when you want to quickly transition from song to another? Do you do hot drops like this in your DJing, or do you always do longer beatmixes? Let us know your preference below.

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