Friday Five: The Greatest Hip-Hop Producers Of All Time

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Last updated 4 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five we’re leading with an exhaustive list from Complex that picks the best hip-hop producer of every year since 1979. We’ve also got pieces from Electronic Beats, DJ Mag, Rolling Stone and Flypaper. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. The Best Hip-Hop Producers Alive – Complex just put out an extensive and in-depth piece that identifies who the best beatsmiths in hip-hop are. A fantastic read for those who love the culture and music, and for those who want to get into it Read more
  2. 5 Dance Music Books You Need To Read – Electronic Beats has put together a reading list of new books on dance and electronic music that are must-reads for DJs. Makes a great stocking filler too, with the holidays just around the corner Read more
  3. Get Free Samples For Your Productions At Sound Bible – This online archive is the closest thing to a bottomless pit of sounds and samples that you can use in your tunes without having to pay a single cent Read more
  4. Why Latin Music Continued To Dominate YouTube In 2018 – If you thought Despacito was a flash in the pan, get ready: there’s more from where that came from! Rolling Stone explores Read more
  5. 5 Familiar Chord Progressions To Start Any Tune – Use these song-starters from Flypaper as a foundation for your dance music productions Read more

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