10 Guilt-Free Christmas Songs for Your Festive Sets*

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
christmas club/festival DJ Pro
Last updated 12 December, 2018


OK, so it’s true that there’s pretty much no such thing as a cringe-free Christmas anthem – but there are at least some tracks out there that archly refer to Christmas and let you (and your audiences) in on the joke rather than slathering each and every person with their out-and-out cheese.

Here’s our take on just-about-acceptable for your DJ sets: Let us know what you think in the comments!

*Conscience-dependent, your morals may vary. 

10 Christmas Songs To Drop

1. Kaskade – White Christmas

Kaskade throws in a sweet breakbeat on this Bing Crosby standard. Perfect for family gatherings and something even grandma would approve of!

2. Lady Gaga – Christmas Tree

The performance artist and activist’s debut in 2008 was a worldwide smash. Lady Gaga released this track that same year, sprinkling her signature irreverence and searing synth melodies in a slightly NSFW Christmas tune.

3. The Waitresses — Christmas Wrapping

If you grew up in the 80s this song was almost inescapable on MTV and rock radio. Listening to it in 2018, it’s almost begging for a ska remake (not that ska’s coming back anytime soon, but hey…).

4. Eurythmics – Winter Wonderland

Anniex Lennox’s haunting vocals on a bed of reverb-drenched drums and synths breathe new life into this old tymey track that feels right at home with the ongoing synthpop revival.

5. Dan The Automator – Jingle Bells


Another remake of a Christmas classic, this time by legendary hip hop producer Dan The Automator.

6. Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis

One of Run DMC’s most revered tunes released at the height of the group’s popularity in the late 80s. An absolute classic, and still shakes many holiday party dancefloors today.

7. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’

Possibly the most influential Christmas song in rnb, this 1979 track by Kurtis Blow was famously sampled by Next in 1998 for their steamy smash hit “Too Close”. Drop them back to back with and watch all the millennials get mind blown.

8. deadmau5 – Xmas Stuff

Chilled out, ambient version of deadmau5 megahit “I Remember” that’s perfect for cosy nights gathered ’round the fireplace.

9. Run The Jewels – A Christmas F*cking Miracle

Obviously NSFW, this statement trap masterpiece gets nods on even the grimiest of club dancefloors. Esketit!

10. Destiny’s Child – 8 Days Of Christmas

If you want to add some millennium US rnb flavour to your sets, this is the track to drop.


We hope these tunes bring some holiday cheer to your Christmas parties and gigs. It’s easy to just play the classics and standards people have heard through the decades, and your crowd’s probably expecting them already, so sneaking in a handful of these tracks would be instantly refreshing.

What are your favourite Christmas songs to play during your DJ sets? Share them with us below.

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