Friday Five: Why Some DJs Swear By Rotary Mixers

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 3 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, find out what rotary mixers are all about and why some DJs absolutely love them. We’ve also got pieces from Complex, Flypaper, Music Radar and Mixmag. Have a good weekend ahead!

  1. Why Some DJs Swear By Rotary Mixers – Rotary mixers look cool, but they don’t appear to do anything special at first glance. So why do some DJs love them so much? Find out in this Resident Advisor feature Read more
  2. A Brief History Of House Music – From its beginnings in the 70s to today, read up on how house music became a global phenomenon that continues to influence dance and pop culture. Complex has it Read more
  3. How To Get Music Blogs To Notice You – Whether you’ve been booked to play a festival or you’re about to release a new tune, music blogs help you get the word out. Here’s how to approach them in writing. Flypaper has it Read more
  4. How To Start A Remix Using Track Stems – Remixing a track can be tough if you don’t know where to begin. Music Radar gives some tips on how to pick apart a tune’s stems so you can start building your remix Read more
  5. “I Died Eight Times In One Night” – Nile Rodgers, guitarist and producer extraordinaire, explains how he got clean, stayed sober, and managed to miss only two shows in his entire 47-year career. Mixmag has it Read more

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