Friday Five: What It’s Like To Juggle DJing With Parenthood

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 19 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Resident Advisor that looks into the lives of five DJs and how they manage parenthood while gigging, producing and running record labels. We’ve also got pieces from Vinyl Factory, Tomorrowland, and The BBC. Have a great weekend folks!

  1. What It’s Like To Juggle DJing With Parenthood – These prolific electronic music mums and dads are not only surviving: they’re thriving. Get some tips on how to make it all work for you. Resident Advisor has it Read more
  2. Music Tech People Under 30 Won’t Understand – How many of these old school music formats and players did you listen to growing up? The BBC has it Read more
  3. Tomorrowland’s Top 1000 Ranked – To celebrate 15 years, the Belgian megafestival has put together a playlist of the 1000 biggest dance and EDM hits played on its stages. Time to top up those crates Read more
  4. In Focus: The Chemical Brothers – The electronic music legends talk about their new album and how they say it can help “heal Brexit wounds”. The Guardian has it Read more
  5. How “Flat Beat” Changed Dance Music – Before the turn of the century, a forward-thinking tune and a cheeky bird puppet revolutionised modern bass music. Here’s the story of the Mr. Oizo classic that still sounds fresh today. Resident Advisor has it Read more

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