Play Count & Day Mode Coming Soon To Serato DJ Pro

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Day Mode Play Count Serato DJ Pro
Last updated 18 September, 2020


Serato has teased two of its most requested features, namely a play count and “day mode”, as “coming soon” over on a Story on its Instagram account.

Play count tells you how many times you’ve played a track, and is a much-loved feature in iTunes. It’ll be especially useful if it gets incorporated as a question in Smart Crates, as you can have a crate of your most and least played tracks.

This would be useful for honing in on a floor filler / floor saver quickly, or alternatively getting around to listening to and DJing with the tunes that have been knocking around unloved in your library for too long.

Meanwhile, a “day mode” – a brighter theme so you can see what you’re doing when DJing in sunshine (think festival sets in supporting slots, beach bars, barbecues and so on) – was inexplicably removed from the software when it transitioned to Serato DJ from Serato ITCH many years back – well now it appears to be coming back.

Serato ITCH day mode
Serato ITCH – the predecessor to Serato DJ – with its Day Mode. Well, it’s a-comin’ back…

No dates yet for Serato DJ’s play mode or day count, but hey, it was on Instagram, so it must be true…

What feature would you like to see in Serato the most that it currently doesn’t have? Let us know your thought in the comments….

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