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Jason Jani The Complete Wedding DJ
Last updated 4 November, 2019


Today I’ve got a story to tell – and if you’re a wedding DJ, it’s a story that could be the start of something big for you. Read on!

So I guess in an article about weddings, a good place to start might be an anniversary. Let’s go with: Ours! Did you know that Digital DJ Tips is nearly ten years old?

In that time we’ve become the biggest DJ school in the world with over 21,000 students at the time of writing. That means we’ve had a huge amount of time to figure out precisely how to help all types of students – event DJs, turntablists, club DJs, producers… – to learn and grow.

Part of that mission has involved us finding the right partners, so we can bring our students skills, techniques and insights past what we could achieve on our own.

For instance, we’ve always taught mixing and transitioning tricks, via courses like Mixing Power Skills and Mixing Mastery.

Yet for our most recent mixing course, we involved Laidback Luke – and the result, a course called Laidback Luke’s Creative DJing, has helped us to teach mixing and transitioning on a whole new level.

The wedding DJ connection

So what has all of this got to do with wedding DJing?

Well, right from the off, we’ve taken the world of event DJing – and especially the lucrative wedding DJ market – seriously.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may remember our first wedding DJ course called “The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ”, which was little more than a PDF and some useful resources, but which helped thousands of DJs to start as wedding DJs.

Our first wedding DJ training was just an ebook, but it helped thousands.

(Fun fact: Before we even knew him, our team member Joey Santos discovered us by buying that course and teaching himself to be a wedding DJ!)

A few years ago, we upped the game and launched “Mobile DJ Blueprint”, a bigger course that folded in all we’d learned about delivering online training to help a whole new generation of DJs to learn how this type of DJing was done.

But we still felt there was further to go with this.

After all, if you’re a wedding DJ, you can potentially earn a LOT of money – if you do it right. So naturally you’re going to be prepared to do more to reach that level.

You may have a company set up (or be investigating how to do that), and may even be thinking of employing someone to help you.

You’ll certainly be investing serious time, and looking for serious returns. The stakes are higher – but the rewards are greater too. While Mobile DJ Blueprint was the perfect start, we wanted to build on that and all we’d learned.

Wedding DJing is changing…

Also, we’d figured out that wedding DJing is changing – fast. And with that, we sensed an opportunity.

You see, as a business Digital DJ Tips is by nature a “disrupter” – we exist to help DJs find new, innovative ways to do things.

We exist to help DJs leapfrog over others who argue that the new ways are wrong, that it “has always been done this way” – where “this way” is something that, by our reckoning, is just about ready to be kicked into touch!

For instance, we championed laptop DJing when it wasn’t yet widespread, controllers when they were not yet a mainstream thing (now, 80% of our audience DJs on controllers), digital music when everyone used CDs, iPad DJing when everyone said it couldn’t be done – and more recently, streaming as something DJs should start to take seriously (hint: you really should).

Likewise, we realised that wedding DJing – traditionally one of the most stuck-in-its-ways corners of the DJ world, with a cheesy, dated reputation, low expectations from the public, and comparably low fees due to wedding DJs being under-valued as a whole – also needed to be kicked and dragged into the present day.

We just had to figure out the training that we needed to make in order to accomplish this.

Finding the right partner

More importantly, we needed to find the partner to help us make it.

We needed someone of the stature of Laidback Luke, but in the wedding DJ world. Someone ahead of the game, doing things differently, shaking things up – and achieving huge success against the odds. Oh, and someone who was prepared to teach those secrets to others.

A big call? Sure. We do big calls. So we started looking. One name kept coming up again and again: A wedding DJ in the USA called Jason Jani.

Jason Jani is one of the biggest wedding DJs in the USA.

This guy was posting photos of weddings on his socials that looked like the best parties ever, period. We discovered he was running a seven-figure wedding DJ business in New Jersey that employed 10 DJs full-time, playing 1000s of weddings every year globally.

He also appeared to be playing events such as Superbowl after-parties and celebrity weddings, while charging many multiples of the industry average for his gigs. But most importantly, on the few occasions when he did talk about how he does it, he was speaking our language. In his posts and at high-ticket wedding industry events, he was preaching exactly what we had already figured out – that in this Instagram-focused world where DJs are the new rock stars, couples simply don’t want the cheesy same-old when it comes to wedding entertainment.

They want more – and if it’s done right, they’re prepared to pay handsomely for it.

We all agreed we’d found our guy.

What happened next

Only trouble was, like all busy, successful people, Jason was proving hard to pin down. And of course, I had no idea at this stage whether he would even be interested in sharing how he does it.

Luckily, back in 2018 I got to meet Jason at a couple of big DJ shows – Mobile Beat in Las Vegas and DJ Expo in Atlantic City – where we were both keynote speakers.

Me presenting a keynote at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, where Jason Jani was also a speaker.

It turned that he’d been wanting to make a training programme for a while, but didn’t feel he’d found the right partner yet – until now! Very soon we both realised this was the opportunity we’d been searching for.

We got to work!

Jump forward 14 months, and following several trips across the Atlantic for both of us for filming and planning (as I write this, Jason has just left our HQ here in Gibraltar), we’re nearly read to go.

What we’ve made

We’ve created a programme that will help any DJ anywhere in the world to take their business to the next level, to charge the highest price in their market, and to get so many clients that their only decision will be whether to hire more help, or to turn work away.

It’s not been easy – but the funny thing is, we didn’t have to invent any of this from scratch. Turns out that to train the DJs Jason employs in his company, he’s already mastered how to teach this stuff.

The exciting thing for you reading this is that the DJs he’s taught are of varying skill levels and experience, they DJ in varying styles, and they specialise in different types of wedding for different audiences. Chances are high that one of them is just like you!

So really, it turned out that our job was simply to take what he teaches them, and turn it into a programme that can teach DJs online, anywhere in the world.

“Jason Jani’s Complete Wedding DJ” programme is the result.

More details about the programme

This is a business course, a live coaching platform, a workshop programme, a knowledge bank, and a private community for DJs who want to crack the code and reach the highest level.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and it’s the first time Jason has taught any of this stuff, anywhere outside of his own company.

If you’re serious about succeeding in today’s wedding DJ world where old-style DJs are failing and only the few who are figuring out the new way are thriving – you may want to be part of this.

We’re launching the programme very soon, at which point we can let you know all the details – as long as we know you’re interested.

What to do now

To register your interest, click this link and enter your email address.

We’ll only be informing people who we know can benefit from this, and obviously with the commitment required from Jason to teach it, it’ll only be open to a limited number of DJs.

So make sure you join the wait list, so you can look carefully at the programme and continue your application in a timely manner once it’s available.

It’s only for serious wedding DJs – but if you’ve read this far, that’s you.
Click here to register your interest today.


Remember, wedding DJing is changing, and there’s a simple choice facing DJs entering the game, thinking of breaking out on their own, or realising they’re struggling:

  • Understand that today, wedding DJing is going through the biggest change it’s ever gone through, and adapt accordingly
  • Do nothing, and find things getting harder and harder until it’s not possible to continue

If this is you – which choice will you make?

Are you currently a wedding DJ noticing this shift in the market? What are you doing to deal with it? Share your thoughts below…

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