Podcast #36: Grahame Farmer, Recorded At ADE 2019

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Club/Festival DJing Pro Tales From The Dancefloor
Last updated 29 October, 2019




Show notes

Grahame Farmer is behind the Data Transmission website, which at its height employed 19 people and has spawned an online radio show and record label. While the site is still going strong, in the last couple of years Grahame has had a personal “pivot” into something quite different: DJ success coaching.

In this episode of Tales From The Dancefloor, recorded live at ADE in Amsterdam, he shares where the idea came from, how he built an audience for DJ coaching, and how he managed to coach 60 DJs a month spread all around the world. He also shares some tips for getting yourself noticed as a DJ, so listen in if you’re trying to get your tracks or mixes to a wider audience…

• Find out more about Grahame at the Data Transmission website as well as on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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