Friday Five: Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box…

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Friday Five
Last updated 13 December, 2019


“Never underestimate the power of a good DJ,” say the editors of How Stuff Works, reporting on an underwater “rave” that’s helping to save the coral reefs. It’s one of the five stories from around the web we’ve selected for you in this week’s Friday Five. Have a great weekend folks!

  1. It Takes a DJ: Healthy Reef Sounds May Lure Fish – Turns out that fish love a good tune, well, kind of. Find out what scientists have been up to trying to fix the Great Barrier Reef in this piece from How Stuff Works… Read more
  2. Shush… And Enjoy The Music: How Listening Bars Have Hit The Right Note – Listening bars are a concept now influencing nightlife everywhere from São Paulo to San Francisco… The Guardian reports Read more
  3. Ministry Of Sound Celebrates 25 Years Of The Annual – Ministry of Sound has now unveiled a short documentary looking back over the series and club’s history. Watch it
  4. Rolling Stone’s Albums Of The Decade – Covering ever genre from pop to hip-hop to disco to rock to all shades of innovative, Rolling Stone reflects the musical diversity of the past ten years Read more
  5. Resident Advisor’s Best Mixes Of 2019 – Squarely back in house/techno territory, here’s what Resident Advisor thinks are the best online mixes of the past 12 months Hear them

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