New To DJing? 7 Things To Do Right Now

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Last updated 16 August, 2021


So you got some DJ or production gear this holiday season. Awesome! However, when the initial thrill wears off (just about the time you have to open the instruction book) you may realise there’s actually quite a bit to learn.

No worries, that’s where we can help – it’s what we do best. So if you’re brand new to all of this, here are some ideas:

Seven Tips For Beginners

1. Read up on how to get started

We’ve got tons of great free training on getting your feet wet: Check out this piece that contains answers to questions that new DJs always ask, and then go read this article that explains mixing for absolute beginners.

2. Learn how to practise

Not all practice sessions are equal – practising the right way gives your DJing a flying start from the get-go. Read our practice session tutorial for tips and tricks to maximise your time and DJ skill gains, and check this piece on how to find practice time in your busy schedule.

3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Once you’ve gone through the above articles, go ahead and check out the Digital DJ Tips YouTube channel where we’ve got tips, tricks, and gear and software reviews.

Don’t forget to hit “Subscribe” to keep yourself updated of all our new review and tutorial videos.

4. Join the Digital DJ Tips community

Sign up for free and you’ll be able to comment on articles and access members-only training, plus you’ll get updates that will keep you in the loop with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news, along with exclusive DJing offers.

5. Organise your DJ library

You’ve already got some tunes knocking around in your hard drive. Learn why and how DJs should organise their music libraries in this in-depth tutorial series. More than just making tunes easier to spot, organising also has to do with tidying up your hard drive and music collections, especially if you’ve already got a sizeable library to begin with.

6. Get more music

Once you’ve got DJ library organisation down pat, we’ve got training on where to find free (legal) music online and how to shop smarter and save money buying tunes. You can also join something called a “DJ download pool“, which gives you access to thousands of tunes for a monthly fee.

7. Pick up our DJing Made Easy course

To really fast-track your DJing and get you from playing in your bedroom to playing out in as little time as possible, check out our How To Digital DJ Fast course, which covers everything you need to get you from being a total beginner to someone who’s bagged his or her first gig in just four weeks.


It’s never been easier or better to get into DJing – there’s great variety in digital DJ gear that you can choose from, DJ software and apps have matured, and you’ve got access to an overwhelming amount of tunes right at your fingertips thanks to the internet. All that’s needed now is your passion to share music you love with others – start with these seven tips and get ready to rock the dancefloor!

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Any other DJ tips for beginners that you’d like to share with our readers? Do so in the comments.

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