Brand New Beginner Course Teaches DJing How It’s Done Today…

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 30 January, 2020


Our article about the huge changes in DJing in the past few years exploded last week! I guess just to see the changes in gear, music, how people learn, how people play, and the sheer number of people doing this nowadays, all written down in one place, clearly resonated with our community. As I write it’s had over 15,000 18,000 views.

Based on what we’ve seen changing in DJing in the past few years – the things I talked about in that article – we’ve made a new beginner DJ course, DJing Made Easy, which is released today.

It teaches all the tips, tricks and hacks that smart DJs are using right now to play awesome DJ sets from whatever gear they have, in venues big and small, the world over.

Everyone’s a DJ now, and that’s just great!

I guess one of the biggest changes in Djing in recent years is that nobody needs “permission” to DJ in public nowadays, and millions of people all over the world are realising how cheap, easy and fulfilling it is to be the one who provides music for their local parties. We think that’s great!

But there is still a need for advice on things like:

  • How to set make sure your gear is up to the job of playing in front of other people – and what to do if it isn’t
  • How to get on top of all the modern digital music services (instead of feeling overwhelmed by them)
  • How to use the amazing features of modern DJ gear without letting them control you
  • How to perform effectively (crowd reading, dealing with other DJs, conquering nerves, and so on)
  • How to fit daily DJ practice and improvement into a modern, busy life

…arguably, there’s a need for this advice MORE THAN EVER, as modern DJs are just getting on with it without spending all those months and years slowly improving “behind closed doors” before unleashing themselves on the world…

A lot of these skills are new, some of them are timeless, but we  realised that new or not, all of them needed to be taught on today’s gear and with today’s music, so modern DJs “get it”. (Our previous beginner training was, amazing, made back in 2014)

DJing Made Easy does this, bringing all of this together and up to date, in one place, for the very first time. It’s our best beginner DJ training ever – and after many months in the making, we’re proud to finally announce it.

What To Do Next

Click here to go to the info page and learn whether DJing Made Easy is right for you.

This course is on offer for a few days, before it goes to its regular price, so now is a good time to grab it.

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