Friday Five: Carpool DJing With Fatboy Slim & Eats Everything

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 27 March, 2020


Carpool DJing, the world’s longest DJ set, a global radio tuner, and much more – read on for your weekly does of interesting stuff going on in the DJ world, specially designed to keep you amused in lockdown…

  1. Fatboy Slim & Eats Everything Carpool DJs – The two veterans take their gear into Fatboy Slim’s car and attempt a DJ version of the karaoke stunt Watch it
  2. The World’s Longest DJ Set – Italy may have been hit hard by Coronavirus, but one Italian club is fighting back with a world’s longest DJ set attempt, reports Mixmag Read more
  3. Turbocharge Your Creativity In Lockdown – Wanting to make music this lockdown? Creativity doesn’t just come on tap – but LANDR has some tips to stoke up yours Read more
  4. The Cringe-Worthy Habits of DJs – A club designer sounds off about red-lining, bad monitoring and more, via DJ Times Read more
  5. Addictive Radio Tuner Brings The World To Your Laptop – Here’s what happens when you cross Google Earth with internet radio – try it and you’ll see what we mean Go to Radio Garden

Stay safe, stay home, see you after the weekend folks…

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