How To Promote Yourself On IGTV – A 3-Step Instagram TV Guide For DJs

Last updated 6 April, 2021


Have you spotted DJs uploading long videos to Instagram, and wondered why your videos always get cut after 60 seconds? Or do you just want to know how to promote yourself on IGTV, rather than being tied to the 60-second Instagram limitation?

Instagram TV, better known as IGTV, is a sidekick Instagram app that you can use to showcase your DJ skills and increase your social media views, which can grow your online presence and lead to more gigs, and so if you haven’t considered using it, you definitely should!

Navigating the platform isn’t as tricky as it might seem, so here’s three steps to get you started:

How To Promote Yourself On IGTV

1. Choose your content

Quality content matters, so choose wisely. For example,

  • Take footage from your last few gigs and compile them into a promo video
  • Use Imstagram TV as a platform to give advice to other DJs
  • Film yourself performing on your new DJ set-up

One thing to note as a DJ on any social media platform is the possibility of copyright issues. At the moment, IGTV seems to be more lenient than other platforms, but takedowns still happen.

When coming up with any DJ routines you choose to feature, keep these factors in mind: Mix quickly, use short sections of tracks, and pick underground music where possible.

2. Follow IGTV rules

Once you have the right content to upload, now comes the task of passing IGTV’s criteria. Here’s what you need to know to fit their requirements.

Firstly, make your video at least one minute long, and either upload a vertical video with an aspect ratio of 9:16, or a horizontal video with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The maximum video length when uploaded via mobile is 15 minutes, with desktop upload capping the length at 60 minutes. Choose your video software (the video above of me explaining this was done using Screenflow on a Mac, for instance), edit to your liking, and export to MP4.

Next, you’ll want to design a thumbnail that is eye catching and on brand for your DJ profile. You can do this easily with programs like Canva, or you could head to Fiverr and have one designed for a small fee. With either method, we recommend creating it so there’s a square image in the centre, surrounded by black or white space. This way, nothing gets cut off and it sits nicely on your Instagram feed.

3. Get it out there

With your content looking IGTV-ready, it’s time to start the upload process:

  • For mobile: You’ll need to download the IGTV app, sign in, and click the plus icon. Select your video, add your cover image, and give the video a solid title and description. At this stage, you can also choose to “add to series”, “post a preview” (which we recommend), and “make visible on Facebook”
  • For desktop: Head to and sign into your profile. Click the IGTV tab and select Upload. Click to upload your video, cover photo, add your title and description, and choose to post a preview and make visible on Facebook if you’d like

With either upload method, make sure you have the cover photo you want before clicking Post, as there’s no way to change it after publishing, and frustratingly, you’ll have to start over.

Lastly, add a handful of hashtags in your comment section so more people can find your video. And that, in three steps, is the basics of how to promote yourself on IGTV.


If you want to stand apart from other DJs online, your social profiles need to be on point. By following these easy steps, you can start to dominate the IGTV platform and make it work for your DJ brand.

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