Beatport Link Streaming Now In Hercules DJUICED 5.0

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Beatport Link DJUICED DJUICED 5.0 hercules
Last updated 8 April, 2020


DJ controller and software company Hercules has announced that the latest version of its DJUICED software, v5.0, now integrates Beatport Link.

DJUICED 5.0 has also added faster track preparation, better club-style effects, fast multi-core track analysis and a new Slip mode. The software is offered for many of Hercules’ own controllers, including the popular Inpulse 200 and Inpulse 300 units.

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Beatport Link is a streaming service targeted towards DJs, allowing them to choose nearly any track to use through their DJ performance software, with DJUICED being the latest to add the service. It works with Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox, Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ iOS app, Virtual DJ, and now DJUICED. It is unique in offering an offline locker, so tracks can be downloaded ahead of a DJ set and played with no internet connection.

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