Friday Five: Logic Pro X To Become More Like Ableton Live?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday Five
Last updated 3 April, 2020


Here’s our weekly Friday Five roundup of stuff from around the web that’s caught our interest this last seven days. Hopefully there’s something there that can keep you absorbed over the weekend.

  1. Logic Pro X to get GarageBand iOS’s Ableton-style clip/loop launcher? – A Reddit user spotted an image showing a forthcoming version of Logic with a Session-style interface, of the type beloved of Ableton users Go to the Reddit
  2. Why are superstar DJs so keen to reconnect with the underground? Cynical cash in, or going back to their roots? Mixmag investigates Read more
  3. New collaborative app aims to be Houseparty for music-makers – DJ Mag reports on a way to make music across the internet, from producer’s home to producer’s home… Read more
  4. Bill Withers dies aged 81 – “Lovely Day”, when dropped in a DJ set as the sun rises, can be a life-changing moment. RIP, soul legend. Rolling Stone has more Read more
  5. SoundCloud just added a direct support button & link – You can now add a button to your SoundCloud Creators profile where tyou can link to PayPal, Venmo and many more sites. Via CDM Read more

So that’s it for this week folks – keep livestreaming, stay safe, see you on the other side…

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