Simple Trick Any DJ Can Do For An Amazing Acapella Transition

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Acapella mixing Free lesson House Mixing Mastery
Last updated 3 May, 2022


Want to know something that’s simple to do, sounds amazing, and is sure to spice up any transition in your DJ sets where the track ends in a vocal?

Then take a look at this free lesson, where we talk you through a pro DJ transition that works on any gear and is easy to perform whatever your level of DJing, but that sounds amazing. Once you know it, you’ll find all kinds of places you can incorporate it into your DJ sets.

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The lesson is taken from our best-selling House Mixing Mastery course, which teaches 48 tricks like this one, as well as containing all the theory and practical advice you need to master mixing in this genre. More about the course here.

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