Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 6.1.1 Brings Edit Mode & Tidal Music Streaming

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Pioneer DJ Re-edits rekordbox Rekordbox 6.1.1
Last updated 9 February, 2022


Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox DJ software now has an edit mode for making instant re-edits of your favourite tracks, and also brings Tidal streaming.

The edit mode is the most interesting thing here. Tied to the beatgrid for clean cutting, you can cut and past, insert, remove, and store in a palette parts of any given track, inserting them where you wish to create short edits, intro/outro edits, remove breakdowns, cut to synth stabs or vocal motifs from the same track… in short, create your own edits, right there in Rekordbox.

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When you’ve finished, you can render them out to your collection, and now, whenever you select any given track, your edits will show too. They can also be used outside of Rekordbox.

Serato DJ Pro with its Flip function has something similar, but in that instance, there is no new, separate file – the “Flip” is stored with the original track, to be replayed live when you choose to play that version. In that sense, the Edit function in Rekordbox is more like an extremely simply DAW or wave editor.

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Edit is part of the Creative subscription within Rekordbox 6.1.1, and cannot be used on streaming tracks, or videos.

• More about Rekordbox on the Pioneer DJ website

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