Want To DJ Livestream With Carl Cox & Sasha?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Carl Cox Sasha Set For Love
Last updated 10 November, 2020


Want to take part in the world’s biggest simultaneous livestream, and “play” on the same bill as Sasha, Carl Cox (pictured), Kevin Saunderson and thousands of other DJs, from bedroom to pro? You can! It’s called “Set For Love”, is an awesome charity event, and they’re looking for 1000s of DJs to take part, beginner to pro.

All you have to do is enter, grab your free pack (containing all you need to get started, including lots of cool offers, one of which is $1000-worth of courses donated by us) and be ready to join the event on 20/21/22 November, in three weeks’ time from now.

And, we did a special livestream last week to help if you’ve never gone live before – it was simulcast with Set For Love, and we’ve also turned it into an article. You can get both here.

• Go straight to Set For Love for more info and to register on their website.

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