Mixcloud Improves Livestreaming Experience for DJs & Listeners

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Last updated 15 November, 2021


Mixcloud, the leading legal DJ livestreaming and mix hosting service, has improved its offering to DJs who want to livestream using the service, and to people who want to watch those livestreams.

Going live from the browser

DJs can now livestream directly from their browsers, without the need for third-party apps like OBS. Once you click “Broadcast Live” within Mixcloud in a desktop browser, the option to go live from the browser is offered.

Mixcloud Live users now have the option to “Go live from browser” when setting up a stream.

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First-time streamers looking to go live with the minimum of hassle, as well as anyone wanting to go live “on the go”, should find this addition useful – although we’d ideally like to see this being made possible through the mobile apps as well, something Mixcloud tells us is in the pipeline. Talking of the apps…

Background watching within apps

One of the big bugbears of the experience of watching livestreams via the Mixcloud iOS and Android apps has been fixed, with the addition of the new ability to watch livestreams in the background when using the apps. This is something that should help hugely with engagement and stickiness.

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Furthermore, Mixcloud has also announced that soon, it will be introducing the ability for users to Chromecast/Airplay livestreams to TVs – another advantage currently offered by rivals that Mixcloud doesn’t yet have, which will make using Mixcloud far more immersive for the viewer.

• Learn more about Mixcloud livestreaming on the Mixcloud website.

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