Beatport’s DJ’s New Party Mode Lets Up To 4 DJs Play Remotely

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 2 November, 2022


Beatport DJ – the web DJ app that lets Beatport subscribers spin in just their browser with practically the whole Beatport library – just got collaborative, with the announcement of a new feature that allows up to four DJs to play together remotely, in real time.

So-called “Party Mode” also claims to let up to 100 viewers tune in to the livestream. It offers features like a chat mode so the DJs taking part can communicate with both each other and the audience, and (naturally) a “discovery” mode so everyone can click through to the tracks being played on the Beatport store.

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We’ve covered tech like this before, but the thing has always been latency – something Beatport claims to have conquered here.

So who would need or use this? We reckon for one-to-one remote DJ lessons it could be invaluable, and also for DJ crews wanting to practise together, audition music for their shows, and so on. It’s certainly intriguing if niche tech, built on top of what was an interesting web-based DJ platform in the first place.

Find out more: Beatport DJ website

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