3 Great Music Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 29 November, 2017


Jonty Skruff
Jonty Skrufff – whose website is one of our 3 undiscovered gems – at a DJ gig in London.
Pic: Last Fm

We get to read all kinds of websites as we go about our daily business running Digital DJ Tips, and we thought it might be a good thing to tell you about some of the less-well known sites that we particularly like.

So here we present our “3 great music websites you probably haven’t heard of”. Funny, irreverent or just coming at things from another angle, we think they are all worth a look.


1. Jonty Skrufff’s blog

Skrufff blog
Jonty Skrufff\’s blog is part Fortean Times, part DJ Magazine…

“Skrufff covers the 3 things I’m most interested in. Music, clubbing and human rights. An excellent mix.” So says Chris Lowe, of UK synth-pop veterans, the Pet Shop Boys.

An ex-Mixmag journalist and Berlin resident, Skrufff’s sideways take on his subject matter has won him many friends, and his global DJing and music production exploits mean his opinions remain well-informed.

Part Fortean Times, part DJ Magazine, where else but Jonty Skrufff’s blog (and popular email newsletter) could you rightfully expect to read an interview with DJ Marky about his new Fabric compilation CD, alongside a piece on the fact that a Thai airline has apparently hired “third sex” hostesses?

Visit Jonty Skrufff’s blog.


2. Hypebot

Smart music producers use Hypebot to stay ahead in the brave new world of online self-promotion.

Napster changed the music industry forever. Hypebot, being a blog on “music, technology and the new music business”, recognises this seismic shift. If you produce your own tracks and are looking to forge a career in the music business, you should immediately add this one to your RSS feed.

Hypebot realises that using social media, building your own fan base, and self-promotion online are THE ways to succeed in the music industry today. Even if you’re just a DJ trying to make a career of it, you’ll find much to interest you among the interviews, industry opinions and news available from this busy blog.

Recent articles include “Why The Decline of MySpace Is Great For Musicians”, and “How To Create Your Own Vintage Music Video”.

Visit Hypebot.


3. Darwin vs the Machine

Darwin vs the Machine
Academic, thought-provoking and sometimes just plain obscure, Darwin vs The Machine is always an entertaining read.

“I genuinely love music more than many people will ever be able to understand. For nearly a decade, virtually every aspect of my life has revolved around its study and more recently how it affects human behavior, particularly within nightclub culture.”

So says Yale Fox, whose New York-based blog Darwin vs The Machine brings together scientific thinking on music, human behaviour and the business-end of running nightclubs. Yale’s writing is geeky, original and always entertaining, if often slightly bizarre.

Sample articles include “Tempo or Key, Which Does Our Brain Compute Faster? Why Does It Matter?” and “Dudestep” (or why dubstep attract more male than female fans).

Visit Darwin vs the Machine.

Which weird and wonderful websites do you find yourself going back to again and again? Please let us know your hidden gems in the comments below…

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