A Week Of Free DJ Training For Every Reader Starts Today

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 March, 2018

Come and join us today on this week-long free DJ training course, and learn the secrets of pro DJs.

Here at Digital DJ Tips, we have 16,000 paid-up students who are learning about beatmixing, production, scratching, making mixtapes, promoting, live remixing, and much more. But in this once-a-year event, you get the chance to take some of our flagship online training – absolutely free. It’s called the Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event, and it starts TODAY.

What you’ll get

In today’s opening lesson, you’ll learn how to choose the right gear for DJing success and get an exclusive “inside the DJ booth” tour at the world’s most famous club – PLUS we reveal the four key tricks that will make you play like a pro DJ on any equipment.

We’re sure you’ll find this video series massively useful. It’s the biggest free training course we’ve ever offered, that’s taken us to some of the best venues globally, and it reveals the top secrets that some of the world’s best DJs don’t want you to know…

But it won’t be around forever as this free training is only available this week and then it will disappear, so go take a look now.

Click here to register and go instantly to the first video lesson

Don’t forget to comment underneath the lesson video once you’ve had a watch because we’ll be answering all your questions! Keep your eyes glued for regular updates on forthcoming videos, too.

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