Acapellas4U, The Legendary Acapella Website, Goes Offline

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 16 August, 2022


August 2022 Update: Much Loved Acapellas4U Website Returns

Acapellas4U, the long-running acapella website beloved of a whole generation of DJs, is offline.

A notice on the site’s home page says “We’ll be offline until further notice and not sure when (or if) we’ll return.”

The problem appears to be with the financing of hosting, because the message goes on, “If you’re reading this and you know someone who can help us with hosting, please get in touch. Join ACAPELLAS4U’s Facebook for any further updates regarding the situation.”

The rise and fall of Acapellas4U

When Acapellas4U was the only game in town, which was the case for many years, it was a must-visit site for acapellas unavailable anywhere else, and was a hugely useful resource for DJs, us included.

But over time slicker, more commercially minded operations have entered the field, not to mention the wider availability of acapellas from digital record pools. Acapellas4U has struggled to keep up with the user experience and features offered by these services.

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Maybe the final death knell was the ability for anyone to make passable DIY acapellas with modern software and web apps, reducing the demand for a dedicated acapella hosting site even further.

We are only speculating at this time though. We reached out to the owners at the site, but they declined to comment further at this time.

Worth noting that another acapella site,, is also reporting that many of its acapellas are unavailable, so maybe this is a more general copyright crackdown than a site-specific financial issue.

Glimmer of hope?

However, over on Acapellas4U’s Facebook, loyal and disappointed users are trying to salvage something and concoct a rescue plan.

If you’re one of them and you’d like to try and help, head over there! Whatever happens, we salute Acapellas4U for being part of the fabric of DJing for so many years. You’d definitely be missed.

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