Adam Audio Announces New “A Series” Range of Studio Monitors

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 27 April, 2022

Adam Audio has announced the A Series, to replace its successful AX Series of studio monitor speakers.

The monitors comprise five models, the A4V, A7V, A44H, A77H and A8H, and are designed for a wide range of applications from professional to home studios.

Perhaps the most most exciting feature is the addition of “A Control” software, allowing the listener to tune the speakers once they’re in the listening environment.

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The company says: “The A Series speakers are designed to be adaptable to changing requirements, preferences, and environments. Using the A Control software, you can push advanced filters directly to an embedded platform onboard the monitors to help compensate for imperfect room acoustics.”

“This embedded platform supports filters from industry-leading third-party Sonarworks. Using Sonarworks SoundID Reference and a measurement mic, you can calibrate your speakers for a new room or shifting taste. Upgradable firmware allows these monitors to evolve, so customers can continue to capitalise on future innovations from Adam Audio.”

The whole range comes with a five-year warranty.

• The two-way monitors A4V and A7V will be available from May, and the A44H, A77H and A8H will be available at the end of the summer 2022. Prices from £379 for the A4V up to £1,099 for the A77H.

Overview videos

You can learn more about the models and the concept in the company’s promotional video:

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