Add Flair To Your DJ Video Clips With Roland Beat Sync Maker

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 March, 2021


Roland just announced an iOS app that can spice up your DJ performance clips. Beat Sync Maker is an app for your iPhone that adds visual FX to a clip you’ve filmed, and the FX are synced and timed to the beat of the music in your video clip. There are five different visual FX to choose from, and you can layer other video clips from your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

Beat Sync Maker is free, but you’re limited to exporting videos up to 30-seconds long only. In-app purchases allow you to export longer videos plus the ability to connect Roland’s Go:Mixer and Go:Mixer Pro, which are portable audio mixers for your iPhone.

There’s no shortage of apps out there that let you add cool filters to videos, but Beat Sync Maker seems to be the only one that claims to sync effects to the tempo of your video clip’s music. It looks like a fun way to add more visual flair to your Instagram Stories and Facebook posts.

• Roland’s Beat Sync Maker is available now on the App Store. Check the Roland site for more details.

What do you use to film clips of your gigs? Would you like to use this app for your DJ videos? Let us know below.

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