ADJ Jelly Cosmos Ball Puts New Spin On Old School Lighting

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
ADJ American DJ Jelly Cosmos Ball lighting
Last updated 8 November, 2017


Jelly Cosmos Ball
Looking for your first light? Want something practical, portable and easy to use? The Jelly Cosmos Ball from American DJ may well fit the bill.

Rotating balls that shoot coloured beams in all directions have long been a mainstay of club/DJ lighting effects. ADJ’s new Jelly Cosmos Ball puts a “new spin” on this concept. A compact, lightweight LED-powered twin rotating ball effect, it has each of its spheres housed in a see-through “Jelly” plastic case, designed to make the unit itself intriguing to look at.

Easy-to-use and affordable, the Jelly Cosmos Ball would be a good choice for digital DJs at parties, bars and lounges, as it requires no controller or user programming. Once turned on, it rotates and changes colours automatically as it cycles through a preset sequence of effects. While users can change its rotation rate, there’s a “Sound Active” mode, in which it spins and change colours to match the beat of the music.

Because it uses LEDs, the Jelly Cosmos Ball should need no maintenance, uses little power, and won’t get hot. It is also compact, measuring 13.5″ x 5.5″ x 10″ (338 x 134 x 254mm), and weighs only 5lbs (2kg). We don’t have prices right now, but we expect this to be priced competitively for the DJ wanting to add a first lighting effect to his set-up, or the bar/lounge looking to do similar. It’s out soon.

Would you invest in a small light like this to give your DJ sets a little something more than the competition? Do you already run a small light rig for this reason? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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