Advert For A Cut Price DJ… You’ll Love The Reply!

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 17 June, 2015

DJ wanted, must be "serious, professional and reliable"... for HOW MUCH? Read this hilarious Craigslist ad... and a priceless reply.
DJ wanted, must be “serious, professional and reliable”… for HOW MUCH? Read this hilarious Craigslist ad… and a priceless reply.

We had to smile when we saw this Craigslist advert from someone looking for a grad party DJ. The writer of the ad specified a pay rate below the norm, and the first reply he or she got was straight to the point, pulling no punches…

Below we reproduce the original ad, and the reply, unedited and uncommented on. That’s for you to do at the end…

The original ad:

DJ NEEDED ASAP! I need a DJ for an outdoor party on Saturday June 20th 2015 from 5 to 9pm. Must have a variety of music such as hip hop / rnb / go-go / old school and new school. If you charge more than $200, thanks but no thanks. This is a graduation party for middle schoolers so the radio edited version of song are needed. Must have a contract!

Serious, talented, and professional DJs only! Email me if you are serious!

The reply…

Re: DJ NEEDED ASAP!! (Lowball City): You are only offering HALF the going rate! Yet you are demanding radio edited music and serious, talented and professional DJs only!

NEWS FLASH: serious, talented and professional DJs are already booked at twice the pay you are offering. June is the busiest month for DJs with weddings and grad parties. Your last minute offer is a joke! Try going into a restaurant on their busiest night of the week and demanding the best food at half price, and oh, you also want to butt in line in front of those paying full rate and that made reservations.

You said: Email me if you are serious. But it’s time for you to get serious!
Stop disrespecting professional DJs! You get what you pay for!

Have you been asked to DJ for far less than you find acceptable? How did you deal with it? Or is it supply/demand out there, and anything goes? I’d love you to share your thoughts below.

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