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“How To DJ Properly With Digital DJ Gear.” That’s the promise of Digital DJ Tips. Not only home to the leading DJ tech website of the same name, we are also now the leading digital DJ training provider, with many thousands of students enjoying our seven paid-for and free online video courses, and other combined offline/online pro training products.

The Digital DJ Tips website carries upfront hardware and software reviews, show reports, industry opinion, DJing news, and tutorial/educational articles. We promote a “can do” ethos that empowers our dedicated and passionate audience to leave their bedrooms and start DJing in public. Our audience message is simple, consistent and well-received: You’re passionate about music, so get whatever gear you can afford, and then get out there and do it!

Digital DJ Tips is Europe’s largest DJ tech website, and a dominant site globally.

Audience Demographic*

Digital DJ Tips is an ideal medium to reach a predominantly US & EU community of forward-looking, tech-savvy, high-spending digital DJs. They’re both new to DJing, and returning to the game from analogue roots.

The Digital DJ Tips audience is largely within the 20-39 demographic, consisting overwhelmingly of open-minded beginner to intermediate “prosumer” DJs. They’re mainly using controllers and laptops (although many DJ with CDJs and turntables too), and they spin in their bedrooms, at parties, and in lounges and small clubs.

Type of DJ
Pro or amateur?
Skill level
Length of time DJing
Type of gear
Type of controller
Geographic location
Smart phone / tablet ownership

* These statistics are from a survey of 4,500 Digital DJ Tips readers, from August 2012. More specific demographics are available upon request.


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With one million pages served a month, we are easily the biggest voice on digital DJing in Europe, and Digital DJ Tips is now a dominant voice in the US too. From its launch in March 2010, in total, Digital DJ Tips is now visited by over 300,000 monthly unique visitors. We also have a 70,000 email list, 110,000 Facebook fans, 40,000 YouTube subscribers and 20,000 Twitter followers, channels that our long-term advertisers get guaranteed coverage on (see below).

Editorial profile


Digital DJ Tips reviews all new DJing hardware and software relevant to our demographic, with more space given to digital, portable gear over analogue, traditional equipment. As well as DJ controllers, digital mixers and accessories, we review software and DJ services such as digital music pools. Our annual How To Choose A DJ Controller guide is downloaded tens of thousands of times each year.

Click to look inside the hugely popular buyers’ guide.

News & opinion

Our widely experienced, global network of writers provide a distinctive editorial slant on the world of DJing. Alongside our expected material for party/club and bedroom jocks, we cover wedding, radio, mobile and video DJing. We are on the floor at all major DJ and pro audio shows to bring the news to our audience first hand and quickly.

How To Digital DJ Fast video
Our premium DJ training has got thousands of new DJs mixing.

Paid-for courses

Our flagship How To Digital DJ Fast video series has sold many thousands of copies, and thousands more students are enjoying our Pro Mixtape Formula, Acapella Mixing Masteclass, Scratching for Controller DJs, Make Your Own Sample Sets, Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ and Learn To DJ With Virtual DJ Home products.

With a print book and further courses currently in production, we are rapidly adding to our portfolio of practical how-to guides to teach specific skills to DJs who are ready to “get serious”. These products are introduced to our audience via valuable, regular, free tutorial articles on the website: We carry more high-quality, free training materials than any other DJ website.

2014 Advertising Opportunities

Digital DJ Tips thrives on opportunities to provide both out-of-the-box and custom advertising programmes for its clients. Our capabilities include video advertising, banner advertising and mobile advertising. We have worked with dozens of leading brands, including Pioneer, Serato, Native Instruments, Vestax, Numark, Behringer, Mixed In Key, Algoriddim, Reloop, Stanton, Novation Focusrite, Denon DJ, Allen & Heath and American Audio.

How Make The Highest Impact With Our Readers

i. Book a video takeover and boss the whole site for a week

Want to take over our home page for your announcement? You can now place a video (YouTube, Vimeo, custom hosted…) right at the centre of our home page, and style the whole page to suit your branding, including the page background and an expanding video bar. It’s a massively aggressive yet creative way to make a huge impact for launches or other big news, and is available from €500/day.

ii. Take a buyout for site-wide exposure

For maximum visibility and site integration, Digital DJ Tips offers a “one million impressions” roadblock package, giving you prominence in every single ad space on the website, for a calendar month, for a single fee of €4,999. This can be doubled up to two million impressions for €8,999.

iii. Choose a long-term partnership packages

Buying a banner and expecting the whole world to click on it doesn’t work any more. Banners work best as branding alongside partnership activities. Together, they increase brand perception, product purchase and ROI. That’s why all of our key partners enjoy a package of banner advertising, guaranteed social media exposure through all of our channels, email list inclusion, priority reviews and videos of products, and guaranteed editorial coverage. With our huge audience and reputation, there is no better way to reach savvy digital DJs. Simply choose a banner from the below to buy for 12 months or more and the rest comes as standard (more info on application).


All our advertising types & rates

Ad type Size Position Rate (CPM)
Leaderboard 468×60 Top of whole site €7
Square 250×250 Right-hand sidebar of whole site €6
Standard banners 468×60 Spread throughout articles €5
Square 250×250 Bottom of articles, forum & comments €5

Minimum booking 3 months at 100k impressions/month. 30% discount for a 12-month booking (12 months is overwhelmingly the most popular package).

Digital DJ Tips advertising specs

Ad type Dimensions Max file size Format
Leaderboard / standard banners 468×60 30K PNG/JPG/GIF*
Square 250×250 40K PNG/JPG/GIF*

* Static GIF only

Important: to ensure your ads appear crisp and sharp on mobile platforms, please send us a second ad of exactly double the dimensions of your chosen size to be served to those platforms. Design to the sizes above, though.

Creative guidelines:

  1. Feature a call to action button, such as a “Click Here” to encourage users to click on your ad.
  2. Keep the copy short and simple.
  3. If the purpose of your ad campaign is to build your brand, it is advisable to include both your logo and web site address.
  4. To keep to the maximum file size limit, you may have to simplify the animation and optimise and limit the number of colours used.

Terms, Delivery & Contact

Advertising artwork deliveries

Please email phil AT digitaldjtips DOT com with all online artwork and/or tags.


Phil Morse, Publisher
Skype: philmorse
Tel +44 (0)20 3289 4533

Advertising terms & conditions

  1. Payment due under terms listed on invoice
  2. Payment methods: Wire transfer, credit card/PayPal (via link on invoice).
  3. Artwork subject to acceptance by Digital DJ Tips and any required changes to be undertaken at advertiser’s expense

DISCLAIMER: All advertisers and their agencies are responsible and liable for all content (including text, representations, and illustrations) of advertising submitted or published. Any oral agreements or written conditions submitted with insertion orders, space reservations, or frequency contracts which conflict with set policy will not be binding to the publisher. Publisher has no liability for errors in any copy or type provided by the advertiser.