Over To You: How Should I React To Other DJs On Social Media?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 30 August, 2017

Just how should you respond when bigger DJs follow, like and share your stuff on social media? How do you maximise the opportunity without looking pushy?

Digital DJ Tips reader Alex writes: “In the past month I was followed on social media by a couple of aspiring yet bigger DJs and musicians, and today, by a far more accomplished and successful DJ / promoter / producer. I’m 18 and I started DJing less than a year ago, and due to college commitments I’ve only managed to get two mixes out, the latter of which got collectively around 140 views, so honestly I don’t know how to act; I’m a total newbie in networking!

“That’s why I’m reaching out to you for advice. Should I follow those people back or not, write them a message or not? How should I go about interacting with them? I’m at a total loss, and honestly scared about losing an opportunity, looking arrogant or being viewed as intrusive.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Alex, you’ll go far with such a caring attitude towards how others perceive you. Other DJs are following you because they think you’re a good person to follow, so of course if you respect them and like what they do, you should follow them back. My advice would be to follow them back and start liking their work, reposting stuff they do that interests you, and authentically supporting them when you can. They’ll notice, believe me, Don’t pester them, but don’t feel you don’t have a right to engage with them, either.

I’d like to throw this one over to the readers, too, though, as I’m sure we’ve got a range of opinions on the best way to network with other DJs on social media without pestering or coming across as pushy.

So, over to you! How would you react, or have you reacted, when this kind of thing has happened to you? How would you advise Alex? Please let us know in the comments.

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