AIAIAI Introduces World’s First Headphones Made From Recycled Vinyl

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AIAIAI Ninja Tune Sustainability
Last updated 19 November, 2021


AIAIAI has unveiled the world’s first headphones created from recycled vinyl, the TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition – made in collaboration with cult record label Ninja Tune (Bonobo, Sampa The Great, and Little Dragon).

Building on the AIAIAI TMA-2 headphone’s modular approach, the TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition sports headphones speaker units made with recycled vinyl. The headphones additionally are packaged – as have been all AIAIAI headphones since 2020 – entirely in recycled materials.

Sustainability credentials

“By designing for longevity, and with modularity, AIAIAI’s products can be upgraded as technology or needs evolve, extending their functional lifetime, and keeping them out of landfills.

“People need to buy fewer headphones and consumer electronics – and companies like ours must accept this,” commented AIAIAI co-founder Frederik Jørgensen.

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The companies point out that 85% of the world’s consumer electronics waste is sent to landfills and incinerators, of which 15 tons per annum is estimated to consist of headphones. In turn, vinyl records are manufactured from a PVC granulate derived from fossil fuels and are toxic when deposited into landfills.

Tech details

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition headphones have a detailed rich sound representation based on AIAIAI’s Bio-Cellulose S05 drivers, and allow the choice of both on-ear and over-ear vegan leather cushions.

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A full charge gives 20 hours of high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth 5.0, making it the ideal choice for long and critical listening sessions.

They also come with a cable for DJ use.

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition headphones are available now from selected retailers and online for €250/$250/£220. More info from the AIAIAI website.

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