Akai Force & MPC Can Now Control Ableton Live Wirelessly

Joey Santos
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Last updated 19 December, 2019

Akai Pro just announced firmware updates for its Akai Force and MPC standalone production devices. The new firmware versions allow for hands-on wireless control of Ableton Live running on your laptop – this gives Akai Force and MPC X or MPC Live owners the ability to produce and perform with Ableton Live using any of these devices.

You’re able to take control of Live’s Session View grid, the mixer section, individual devices via the Device Control tab, and even Live’s global settings like BPM and Automation Arm via the Control bar at the top of the display. They connect to your laptop via WiFi using the Ableton Link protocol which gives you tight integration and communication between the Akai Pro hardware and Live software.

If you’ve been following our site for a while you know Ableton Live is our DAW of choice: it just makes producing dance music easy and intuitive, plus you also get to perform with it if you want to. The Akai Force made a splash when it debuted earlier this year, and the inclusion of Ableton Live control will just make it appeal to a broader audience of DJ/producers. The MPC X and MPC Live are also excellent drum pad production devices, and now that you can use them with Ableton Live, they are now more capable DAW controllers and instruments both in the studio and onstage.

Check out the promo video below.

Promo Video

• The Akai Force, MPC X and MPC Live firmware updates are available now. Check the Akai Pro site for more details.

What are your thoughts on these Ableton Live integrations for these production controllers? Think they’re awesome? Let us know below.

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