Beatsource LINK Brings 100,000 Major Label DJ Edits To DJ Music Streaming

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 August, 2021

Beatsource LINK – the music streaming service for open-format DJs – just fired a serious salvo in the battle to make streaming music a legitimate way of playing for pro DJs, and to establish itself as the leading DJ streaming service.

Today, the company announced deals with all three major record labels to create and distribute exclusive DJ edits to Beatsource LINK subscribers. This includes over 20 years of DJ edits from the DJcity catalogue, including intro/outro edits, clean edits, transition tools, instrumentals, acapellas, and more – 100,000 DJ edits in total.

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Crucially, it also gives Beatsource LINK/DJcity (they are sister companies) the ability to create DJ edits of back catalogue content – a potentially huge commercial advantage for the company as long as it remains a privilege exclusive to them.

This news is big, because until now, official DJ edits of major label music have simply been unavailable on streaming services for DJs such as Tidal, Soundcloud Go+ and indeed Beatsource LINK – a big impediment to such services being taken seriously by pro DJs.

Today’s announcement makes good on a promise Beatsource made back in February 2021 when it began this process, as we reported on here.

Huge increase in offline caching

But that’s not all – Beatsource LINK users on the company’s Pro+ plan with compatible DJ services can now store 1,000 tracks offline (an increase of 10 times over the previous 100), removing a huge obstacle to pro DJ streaming, namely needing to have reliable internet in venues.

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Offline tracks can be cached “locally” and played regardless of whether internet is available or not, and having 1,000 available should be more than enough for most DJs at most gigs.

We have yet to play with the new service, and will bring you further thoughts once we have. Meanwhile, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • To view Beatsource LINK’s current plans, click here to go to the website.
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