Beginner’s Guide To Digital DJ Tips Training Courses

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 16 November, 2022

In this guide, you’ll learn what DJ training courses you can buy from us here Digital DJ Tips, who they’re aimed at, and which would be best for you on your journey to become a better DJ or DJ/producer.

We make all of our training ourselves, and you cannot buy it anywhere else. Since 2010, we’ve taught over 35,000 students and now have 27 courses – but that can make it hard at first to figure out which is right for you. That’s what this article will help you with.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you want to learn to DJ or to produce music, and whether you’re doing this for fun, or want to get paid gigs or even make a career out of DJing, by the end of this article you’ll know for sure what the right next course for you is.

So to start with, we have two types of courses:

  1. Complete courses
  2. Essential courses

In the rest of this article, I’ll talk you through both types.

How we teach at Digital DJ Tips

Here at Digital DJ Tips, you’ll learn via our custom-built platform, which makes learning easy and fun. We teach you using video, and you get to ask questions and get help at each stage of the way.

Our courses are practical, so there is always something for you to do at the end of each lesson – it is important that you do it! Any handouts, worksheets, diagrams or notes you need can be downloaded with each lesson.

If you need extra help or just want to chat with fellow students, as a student you get free membership of StudentHub, our student-only Facebook Group. This is also where you get to join us for optional monthly StudentLive “live classroom” sessions.

None of our courses have time limits, so you can dip in and out when you wish. You get all future updates for life, too.

1. Complete Courses

Complete courses
Our best-selling Complete Courses are the best training we offer, designed to take you from total beginner to pro level in four big areas of DJing and making music.

Serious about this? Want to learn to do it just like the pros do? You need a Complete Course.

These are our biggest and most ambitious courses, and require reasonable commitment from you both financially and in time. That said, they are still designed to be easily accessible to all. It’s more about how serious you are about this hobby. If you are serious and want to progress fast, the Complete Courses are for you.

They start from the level of a beginner, but quickly ramp up the skills until you not only understand, but can actually do, what pro DJs and producers do.

Choose from:

These courses come with our best level of support, with not only clear video lessons but one-to-one tutor help, all the worksheets, handouts, teaching notes and infographics you need to understand the material, and many bonuses.

In short, if you want to learn to DJ, produce, scratch or run a DJ business, to pro level and from the ground up, you need one (or more) of these four courses.

2. Essential Courses

Essential courses
Our Essential Courses are smaller than our Complete Courses, and cover everything from mixing to making mixtapes, mastering your software to creating your first bootlegs, and much more.

In just a few weeks, our Essential Courses – smaller, leaner and less “involved” than the Complete Courses – will get you from where you are now to where you want to be, in all kinds of areas. Let’s look at those areas:

i. Introduction courses

Are you completely, like totally, new to all of this? Just want to get your feet wet, try it out? Maybe you’re buying the course for someone else, someone who you aren’t sure is going to stick to the hobby?

You need one of our two Introduction Essential Courses.

Clear, jargon free, and designed to get you quick results, they are the perfect introduction to DJing and producing.

DJing Made Easy gets you from zero to being good enough to play your first DJ set in front of friends, and Laidback Luke’s Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-edits helps you to get started producing music by reimagining existing tracks.

Both require little or no equipment, and cheap software – they’re great “gateway drugs” into DJing and producing music respectively.

ii. Mixing courses

If you know how to DJ, but are bored, or feel you’ve plateaued, and want some new, exciting skills to help you put the fun back into your mixing, the Mixing Essential Courses are for you.

In these, you’ll learn how to perform amazing new transitions, and how to use your gear to the max.

Learn how to mix like James Hype with James Hype’s Mixing Skills, one of our newer DJ courses.

Learn to mix from world-famous DJs like DJ Jazzy Jeff, James Hype, DJ Angelo or Laidback Luke – all great choices if you love one of those DJs already.

Explore all the features of modern gear and how it can transform your mixing, with Mixing Power Skills. Master open format mixing with Mixing Mastery, or try some Open Format Scratch Mixing. Polish up your four-to-the-floor skills with House Mixing Mastery. Mobile or wedding DJ looking for tricks with YOUR music? Get Mixing For Mobile & Wedding DJs.

All of these courses will have you performing dozens of new transitions, and more importantly, will expand and change the way you think about DJ transitions forever.

iii. Individual Skills courses

So you know a bit about DJing or production, but you want to polish up your skills. Maybe there’s a particular area you know you want to improve in, or a particular outcome that you struggle with.

Our Individual Skills Essential Courses help you to “deep dive” to where your greatest challenge is and master that skill!

Whether it’s producing club bangers (our latest course with James Hype), livestreaming, making mixtapes, DJing with acapellas, learning harmonic mixing, or one of many other topics, there will be something among these numerous courses that can make an immediate change to your DJing, today.

iv. Hardware & Software courses

Got a DDJ-1000 or DDJ-1000SRT (the two most popular “prosumer” DJ controllers in the world)? Use Traktor, Serato or Rekordbox? Then we’ve got a course specifically for you.

You see, without understanding your hardware and software, you’ll never master DJing. Sure, just knowing how your DJ app works or what all the buttons do on your DJ gear won’t necessarily make you a good DJ – but if you secretly know you’re stuck and could really do with someone to show you how it all works, these are the courses you’ll really benefit from in addition to your choice of other courses.

In fact, they’re the perfect complement to any other DJ courses you read about above.

What to do now…

So, that’s the short version! I hope the above has made it clearer for you what courses you might want to look into further. Really, the important thing is to start! So where DO most people start?

Most new students serious about the hobby choose a Complete Course, and most of those go with The Complete DJ Course.

(Obviously if scratching is for you you’ll go for Scratching For Controller DJs, and so on.)

Among DJs who just want to polish up their skills, our mixing courses rule – and House Mixing Mastery is our current most popular.

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Whatever you choose, know that we have a full 12-month money-back guarantee, so if it isn’t working out for you, you can change your mind, or switch to a course that does work for you.

So head over to the courses page, go to Complete or Essential, make your choices – and we can’t wait to have you as our next student on one or more of our courses!


Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked over and over again. Hopefully some of the answers here that we’ve given to other students and potential students in the past will help you, too:

“I’m completely new to DJing, and just want to learn to play a DJ set for fun, without spending much money – maybe on my phone or on very cheap gear.”

The right course for you is DJing Made Easy. It takes you from utter beginner to being able to entertain your friends at a house party, using your phone, iPad or laptop and, if you want, a cheap DJ controller.

“I am not sure DJing can be taught online, maybe not at all… isn’t it a case of ‘you’ve either got it, or you haven’t’?”

I used to think that (as a self-taught DJ). But as I started helping people, I realised I could teach them in minutes what took me months or even years to figure out for myself.

Some 30,000 students later, we not only know how to teach, but we’ve perfected doing it online. Try a course – all our training has a 12-month no questions money back guarantee. We’re famous for it.

Our courses have annotations on the screen to help every technique sink in.

“I’m new to DJing, but I am serious about becoming a good DJ. I want to learn how the pros DJ, and I am happy to spend a bit of money on gear. Ultimately, it’d be great to play in a pro DJ booth one day…”

You need The Complete DJ Course. It starts off assuming you know nothing, but very soon you’ll get up to speed on DJ gear, music, techniques, playing out and promoting yourself – all the skills you need to DJ like a pro.

“I’ve DJed before, but I am returning to DJing after a break – and everything’s changed! I need help…”

The Complete DJ Course is the right course for you. It’ll gently bring you up to speed, reintroducing you to the way DJing is done today with all the exciting new tools and features – but ultimately, it’ll reassure you that you’ve still got this!

“I’d love to take a course but I’m busy – I’m always busy! Will I have time for this?”

I get it! I’ve got two kids and a business to run myself. I understand. But if you can find an hour a day, three or four days a week, you can succeed with any of our courses. Try and keep your practice sessions ‘little and often’ – it beats one long weekly session.

“I know how to DJ, but I am bored with my mixing! I need some inspiration to “‘get my mojo back’…”

Our mixing courses are made for you. If you’re new to advanced mixing, grab Mixing Power Skills. If you are an open format DJ looking for some crazy new techniques, Mixing Mastery is the one for you. Or if you play house or related genres, take a look at House Mixing Mastery.

Level up your mixing skills with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Laidback Luke, DJ Angelo, and James Hype.

We work with some of the best in the business, so if you’d rather learn from a superstar DJ, take your pick! James Hype’s Mixing Skills, DJ Jazzy Jeff’s How To DJ Right, DJ Angelo’s Tricks & Transitions, and Laidback Luke’s Creative DJing will each teach you to DJ just like their namesakes.

“I’ve always wanted to scratch! I think it may be too late… can you help me?”

You can learn to scratch at any age, and our scratch tutor Steve Canueto has taught hundreds of students just like you. The course you need is Scratching For Controller DJs – a genuine scratch course (ie no lame shortcuts!), but taught on today’s gear.

“I want to buy some courses right now, but I am not sure when I’ll be able to take them all – do they ‘expire’?”

No. Our courses are all for life, including all future upgrades. Buy now, start when you like, finish when you like. My team and I will always be here to help you.

“I’d love to be able to make my own versions of tracks to play in my DJ sets, like the ‘big DJs’ do…”

This is practically a prerequisite for DJs today… and Laidback Luke’s Bootlegs, Mashups and Re-edits will show you how. No musical background, instruments or previous experience needed.

“DJ software is so COMPLICATED! I really don’t feel I understand mine, and I want to get the most of it…”

We’re with you. One of the BEST THINGS you can do for your DJing, without playing a note, is simply to understand your software! Depending on the software you use, try Serato Made Easy, Rekordbox Made Easy or Traktor Made Easy.

“Your courses seem like a lot of money to spend on online training. Is it worth it?”

Imagine yourself, just a few months from now, as you successfully play that DJ set, finish making that tune, or amaze your friends with that scratch routine. Imagine that feeling. It’s yours for life – you won’t unlearn or forget how to do this. You’ll finally be the DJ or DJ/producer you know you can be.

Trust me, you’ll have forgotten about the purchase price by then – and you’ll know for sure it was worth every penny! (And if not – did I mention we have a 12-month no questions asked money-back guarantee?)

“I love watching DJ livestreams, and I’d love to do it myself. Can you help me with that?”

Yup, we made a special course to help DJs with no gigs who wanted to livestream their sets. It was a runaway success. It’s called DJ Livestreaming Made Easy, and whether you want to livestream from your phone, or build a full studio, it shows you exactly how.

Founder & tutor Phil Morse on location, setting up for one of his poolside livestreams.

“Why should I buy from you? There seem to be lots of schools out there…”

Digital DJ Tips has been a respected authority on DJing, with over a million followers across our site and socials, since 2010. Our training is the highest quality out there, and we have the best community and support. Why take a chance on anyone else? We’re the leading school for a reason.

“DJing is all good, but what I REALLY want to do is release a track, see it on Spotify, Beatport, play it in my DJ sets… can you help me to do that?”

Our Dance Music Formula course is for you. It is a “formula” (so you just follow it and you DO get the results), yet it doesn’t cut corners – by the end you’ll have written, played and produced a track of your own.

No previous musical knowledge, no musicianship, no experience with production software needed – we give you EVERYTHING, even the sounds.

It’s THE best way to get fluent in producing music, and it’s been a huge success with people just like you.

And if you want to learn how to make massive club tracks, with one of the hottest house music producers in the world today, check out James Hype’s Club Banger Method.

“Where do I find out more about your courses?”

Glad you asked! Just head on over to the Courses page. We can’t wait to welcome you as our next student…

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