“Behind The Scenes In My DJ Studio” – Episode 23 Of Our DJ School Vlog

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 2 July, 2019

I’ve not had a chance to do one of these for what seems like ages, but as I explain in the vlog – for good reason!

Anyway, today I have a rare look behind the scenes, as I explain a bit more about how Digital DJ Tips is set up, and how my personal studio works. I am showing it to you warts and all – so do take a peek!

This is episode 23 of my 40-part Learn to DJ vlog, where I’m sharing the journey as we make, release and teach something brand new called The Complete DJ Course – the most ambitious DJ tutorial course Digital DJ Tips has ever offered to its students.

In the vlog I’m sharing extra little secrets, nuggets and surprising insights, aside from what’s in in the course. You can ask questions, and I’ll make sure I reply to every one of them.

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