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Last updated 1 December, 2017


DJ Gifford Noel
Dj Gifford Noel, better known as DJ Trend, who was found dead in his bedroom on his 32nd birthday.

UK rap star Dizzee Rascal has paid tribute to DJ Gifford Noel, who was found dead at his apartment in Tenerife, Spain, on his 32nd birthday.

The drum and bass bass DJ, who was better known as TNT and DJ Trend, came to the public’s attention through his collaborations with the Sugababes and the aforementioned Rascal. He was due to celebrate his birthday with friends last Friday – but upon arriving at his home, they found his body in his bedroom. Spanish police have since said that his death was from natural causes.

Rascal said: “I have got to say rest in peace DJ Trend, never forgotten, drum and bass specialist, legend. He’s just been one of my inspirations as a youth. Can’t forget this dude.”

“It was great in ’88!”

Back stories, beginnings, anecdotes and the old days. Bridging the generational gaps in dance music with Steve Lawler, Smokin’ Jo, Appleblim, Bill Brewster, Groove Armada, Al Tourettes and Foamo. Positive education from the We Love Ibiza team! (Traktor makes it’s first appearance after about 10 seconds…)

Back when mixtapes were mixtapes

Continuing the nostalgia trip, take a look at this wonderful website that simply has pictures of cassette tapes on it. You can choose to view by brand, quality or tape length. Strangely absorbing for DJs of a certain age…

Mixtape nostalgia

4 essential music industry books

If you want to make a decent living from club DJing in the digital age, you really have two choices. Become a promoter (and play at your own events), or become a producer. And if you choose the second route (or both), you are going to need to understand the digital music industry to get anywhere. So better get reading….

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