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Last updated 1 December, 2017


Ruth Flowers
With a packed international gig diary, grandmother Ruth Flowers proves that age is no barrier to having a DJ career.

2010 has proved a landmark year for new UK DJing sensation Ruth Flowers aka Mamy Rock, who at 69 is surely the oldest DJ ever to break through onto the international club circuit.

Inspired to take up DJing after having been invited to a party by her grandson, she built a team around her and after some exclusive private parties at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and a watershed gig at the Queen Club in Paris, Ruth has since played gigs in Luxmbourg, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Belgiun Croatia and the USA.

Ruth says: “I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than to sign up for the nursing home!”, and indeed released her first song on iTunes earlier this year. Find out more about her on her website.

Riley & Durrant demo Ableton Live

With more and more DJs playing sets on Ableton Live, you may be curious as to how it’s actually used. In this informative video, UK DJ duo Riley & Durrant talk you through their set-up from their Ibiza hotel room, and then show it in use later on in a club situation.

Are the volume wars killing music?

It’s one of the most emotive subjects in music – are modern mastering techniques ruining music? This is a fantastic article from the excellent Audiotuts+ website explaining what the issue is and what can be done about it.

Volume wars

The state of dance music in 2010

From established underground genres like dubstep and deep house through to glitch hop, juke, and UK funky, plus of course the explosion of “big room anthem”-type house epitomised by the likes of David Guetta, dance music has continued its relentless drive forward in 2010, morphing and changing as always as it goes.

Beatport’s “State of Sound” report rounds up developments and includes listening charts:

State of Sound Report

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