BPM 2014: Numark iDJ Pro Lightning Announced For Newer iPads

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 6 November, 2017

iDJ Pro Lightining
The iDJ Pro Lightning updates Numark’s flagship iPad DJ controller to work with the newer Lightning connector-equipped iPads.

Numark is showing its new iDJ Pro Lightning DJ controller here at the BPM Show. The iDJ Pro is the company’s flagship iPad DJ controller, designed for use with Algoriddim’s popular djay software, and the new Lightning version updates the unit to work with iPads that have the Lightning connector, which is now standard for all iOS devices.

The iDJ Pro differentiates itself from other iPad DJ controllers like the Pioneer WeGO 3 and the Reloop Beatpad by having the iPad slide into the unit itself, protecting the iPad and providing a solid frame for it to make it easier to use as a control surface.

This unit fixes a gripe with the original iDJ Pro for users of newer iPads, who found that using the required adaptor to connect their Lightning iPads to the iDJ Pro meant the iPad protruded from the top of the unit, meaning it couldn’t be properly protected by the iDJ Pro’s iPad cover.

The iDJ Pro has dedicated filter and FX knobs, die cast aluminium volume knobs, a brushed metal finish, full stereo cueing, RCA and mic inputs, and XLR outputs. It is core Midi compatible, meaning it will work with other software too, and offers full stereo cueing and stereo master outputs.

Like the original unit, the iDJ Pro Lightning retails for $499 and will be available imminently.

Do you own the original iDJ Pro, and have you suffered this issue? Is this something that you’ve been hoping for? Have you been put off buying the original but will now make the purchase? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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