[BPM|PRO 2016] Maschine Jam Production & Performance System

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Last updated 8 September, 2016

NI Maschine Jam
The Maschine Jam is the latest member of the NI Maschine hardware family, offer an 8×8 multipad surface and eight touchstrip faders.

Native Instruments has today announced its new Maschine Jam production and performance system, the latest addition to its Maschine range, ahead of this week’s BPM|PRO DJ Show in England.

Looking at first glance much like the Livid Base, it is of the type of production hardware like the Ableton Push or Novation Launchpad, that is aimed at those wanting to quickly sketch tracks. The Maschine Jam offers step sequencing and touch-sensitive faders for Maschine 2.5 software, and integrates tightly with other Maschine hardware.

Working to the familiar paradigm of patterns and scenes spread across an 8 x 8 pad matrix, it offers Step Mode (multitrack sequencing), Pad Mode (for entering sounds in real time), and Piano Roll Mode, for step-sequencing melodies in all types of scales. Meanwhile, the eight touch-sensitive faders with built-in LED meters can control FX, instrument parameters and more. Parameter snapshots can be recorded and recalled using “lock” states.

Maschine Jam comes with a repertoire of sounds from Maschine 2.5 and a Komplete 11 Select instruments and effect bundle, and can integrate with any DAW as a plug-in, as well as offering control of other DAWs via Midi mode (an Ableton Live template is included).

To celebrate its launch, Native Instruments is offering buyers until the end of this year a choice of two Maschine Expansions from a range of 20.

Maschine Jam will be available at £319 / €399 / $399 from 29 September.

• More information from the Native Instruments website.

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Do you like the look of this new pad/touchstrip fader Maschine controller? Where do you see it fitting into the Maschine range and the market for these types of boxes? Let us know your thoughts below.

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