[BPM|PRO 2016] Roland TT-99 Turntable & DJ-99 Mixer

Joey Santos
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Last updated 28 March, 2018


Roland DJ-TT DJ-99
Roland just announced the DJ-TT turntable and DJ-99 two-channel scratch mixer ahead of next week’s BPM|PRO 2016.

Roland just announced the DJ-99 two-channel mixer and TT-99 turntable ahead of next week’s BPM|PRO DJ Show. The DJ-99 is a battle mixer with three-band EQs, a mic input, and fader curve knobs and reverse switches. It also comes with a Mini Innofader for a crossfader. The TT-99 is a direct-drive turntable with a curved tonearm and a pitch fader. Both have the same white, orange, and grey colourway as the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine.

Apart from the special colours to celebrate the anniversary of the Roland TR-909, neither of them have any features unique to them – the DJ-99 mixer reminds me of the DJ-Tech DIF 2S, and the TT-99 looks like a 1200 clone. We’ll add more details on both units as they arrive.

• The Roland DJ-99 is priced at US$249 and the DJ-TT at US$349. Availability forthcoming. Check the Roland website for more details.

Are you looking for decks and a mixer for scratching? What are your thoughts on these units? Share them below.

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