Over To You: How Often Do You Clean Your DJ Gear?

This week, we want to know if you have a set routine for cleaning your prize equipment? What are the dos and don'ts? Do you wait until the faders are all jammed up with gunk before you get the cloth out or are you like the guys who wash their cars every Sunday morning, even if they haven't driven anywhere?

Your Questions: My Parents Don't Want Me To Be A DJ!

Digital DJ Tips reader Jeremy writes: "I love DJing, but my family is not very supportive. No matter how much I try to tell them that it is something I’ll put hard work and dedication into, they think I am not capable. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Do you have any advice for me?"

Over To You: Which Unusual Item Is Always In Your DJ Bag?

A few years ago, I was in a shop on my way to a gig and I found these awesome lollipops that I hadn't seen for donkey's years. I had to buy one but in the end, I never ate it and it remains in my DJ bag to this day. We want to know, which is the most unusual item you keep or have kept in your DJ bag?

Over To You: How Do You Feel About DJ Drops?

DJ drops are most commonly found on radio shows. For those who don't know, a DJ drop is something played over a track like: "Mixmeister D is in the house!" We want to know how you feel about DJ drops in club sets or in mixtapes. Have you ever used them? If so, did you make them yourself or did you pay a professional service to make them for you?

Your Questions: What Should I Post On My Social Media?

We had an email come in which asked: "The the hardest part of DJing for me is the promotion of my skills and services. Of course, I can post on social media sites and put ads up but the problem is that I feel that I don't have any engaging content to push out. What kind of stuff should I be posting?"

Over To You: What's Your Worst Experience With A Punter?

We've all had them, that one person who won't leave you alone when you are DJing. Perhaps they have a genius track suggestion or maybe they want your number. Whatever it is, none of us like to be bothered when we're at work. DJing requires a lot of focus and concentration; it's a lot of work and sometimes people just don't get it.

Over To You: Do You Live Stream Your DJ Sets?

With high-speed internet connections becoming the norm, we were wondering how many of you guys live stream your DJ sets? Live streaming can be used as an excellent tool to feel some "pressure" when practising at home and also to help promote yourself as a DJ.