Welcome to the fourth of five personalised coaching videos to help you improve in the Five Elements of DJing: Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. In today’s module I’ve got recommendations for you on how you can improve your score in the Playing Out category, where you scored in the low bracket on the test.


Your bonus training resources

  1. 10 Essential DJ Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without – A small but important checklist that I use whenever I head out DJing – take a look and have a go at making your own
  2. 6 Reasons To Leave The DJ Box While Playing (And How To Do It) – Your DJ box is where you work but it shouldn’t be a prison… here’s why it’s good to get out of there every now and then in a set
  3. 10 Types of People Who Make Requests (And How To Handle Them) – Requests can be great, they can be the bane of our lives as DJs… but you’re gonna get ’em, that’s for sure, so here’s how to handle them
  4. How To Read A Crowd (And What Happens If You Don’t) – Reading a crowd is a skill that takes experience, but you can also learn the basics ahead of time
  5. 3 Easy Ways To Avoid “Facebook Face” When DJing – You can actually train yourself to look up and engage with your crowd, and avoid locking your head into your laptop screen, as I show you here

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