Welcome to the fourth of five personalised coaching videos to help you improve in the Five Elements of DJing: Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. In today’s module I’ve got recommendations for you on how you can improve your score in the Playing Out category, where you scored in the high bracket on the test.


Your bonus training resources

  1. 4 Times When DJs Still Need To Use The Microphone – Mobile DJs do it all the time, but even club DJs need microphone techniques too – here I explain why (and this article explains how)
  2. How To DJ Warm Up Sets (And When To Break The Rules) – Get warm-up sets in professional environments right, and main room / peak time sets are much more likely to follow
  3. 7 Tricks For Making Your Crowd Go Wild To Music They Don’t Know – This is bold stuff, but done right, you absolutely can get a crowd loving music that challenges them… here’s how
  4. Programming Your DJ Set By Night Stages – When you’re playing a long set, it helps to break it up in order to structure it properly, and here’s one method of doing just that
  5. 7 Secrets For Picking A Killer Last Track – One dirty little secret of DJing is that if you send them home singing something great, most people will remember the night as if every track played was solid gold!

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