Welcome to the second of five personalised coaching videos to help you improve in the Five Elements of DJing: Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. In today’s module I’ve got recommendations for you on how you can improve your score in the Music category, where you scored in the high bracket on the test.


Your bonus training resources

  1. How To Declutter Your Music Collection – One of the problems of collecting music for a long time is when your collections gets unwieldy. In this series, we look at how to take control of it again, for better DJ sets
  2. How Can I Spend Less Time Organising My Tunes? – There are tools and techniques that’ll help you to keep a firm grip on your music collection, no matter how large it may have become. Here, we look at some of them
  3. 5 Reasons Why DJs Should Make Edits – If you’re not convinced of the advantage you’ll give yourself in your DJing by creating your own edits, this article presents all the arguments
  4. 4 Easy Steps To Making Your First Ever Mashup – Creating unique tracks out of existing tunes takes re-editing a stage further. Here’s how to get started
  5. 8 iTunes Smart Playlists You Should Be Using – Smart playlists (or “smart crates”) save you time by automating music sorting you would otherwise have to do manually. Here’s some cool ways to use them

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