Welcome to the third of five personalised coaching videos to help you improve in the Five Elements of DJing: Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. In today’s module I’ve got recommendations for you on how you can improve your score in the Techniques category, where you scored in the low bracket on the test.


Your bonus training resources

  1. 5 Essential Tips For Better Sync Mixing – The “sync” button is not a “cheat”, and it can make your mixing sound great… if you understand what it does and how to use it properly. That’s what this article covers
  2. How To Mix: Six Tips For Complete Beginner Digital DJs – Beatmixing, while only a starting point for being a great DJ, is definitely something worth mastering. This article covers the basics, and has lots more mixing tips too
  3. Best Way to Record A DJ Set – So if recording your DJ sets is so important, how do you do it? Here we lay out your options
  4. 7 Easy Steps Towards Your First DJ Booking – Here’s what to do to escape the bedroom and get yourself in front of a real audience, in order to kickstart your growth as a DJ…

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