Controller Clinic #14: Improving The Effects On Virtual DJ LE & Mixtrack

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 16 November, 2017

effects control
The effects controls on the Mixtrack Pro: What you actually get depends on the software you use it with, and with Virtual DJ LE, your options are quite limited.

Following our recent tutorial video on when to use DJ effects, Digital DJ Tips reader John Spiegel writes: “I use a Numark Mixtrack with Virtual DJ LE. In the effects section there is no filter, either hi or low pass. I was wondering if there’s a way to either get around that or fix that. Also, on the echo section, I can’t quite figure out how to control the timing of the echo. When I turn it on it just goes crazy. I realize this is sort of vague, but any chance you could help me out?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

The effects are limited with Virtual DJ LE software, because they’d like you to buy the full version. Some controllers (such as the Stanton DJC.4) come with a version with filters, but it seems yours doesn’t. For the echo, all you can do is play with the parameter knobs that are available to you if any.

Consider buying the full-price version via the upgrade page, available from the config window (there’ll be a discount, scroll down for the box to fill in your serial to get it), which will unlock the effects in Virtual DJ including the filter, and also give you the chance to add VST effects of your own (VST are plug-in pro effects for music software), along with a myriad other improvements (and a free upgrade to Virtual DJ 8, and all future versions, when they arrive). Alternatively, you could go for different software. Another paid-for option is Traktor Pro 2.5, which has loads of effects and is currently cheaper than a Virtual DJ upgrade. Just be aware that Traktor is not the easiest to set up so you’ll have to contend with mappings, output routing settings etc.

Finally, you can download Serato DJ Intro for free, which has some good basic effects including filters. Note that this only works with Mixtrack Pro, not Mixtrack. (You say you use Mixtrack but many people actually mean “Mixtrack Pro” when they speak of Mixtrack).

Have you found the effects in your DJ software to be limiting? What software do you prefer for effects? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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