Over To You: How Controller Friendly Is Your City?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 7 November, 2017


How is it in YOUR city for DJing with a controller in clubs, bars and lounges? Are you allowed to bring your own gear, or are you still expected to use what’s there?

Digital DJ Masterclass owner Leigh writes: “Phil, I’m very curious about what you call ‘controller culture’ cities, where big clubs have already ditched their gear in favour of DJs’ own controllers. Do you have any examples of where that’s already happening?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yup, my home city of Manchester, for a start. At Gorilla, a leading club in my city (to give you one example) they have a suspended deck table that is just empty when they set up. Sure, they can set up CDJs and a DJM on it if that’s what the DJ wants, but equally, they can leave it completely empty for a DJ or DJ/producer to set up exactly what they want, brought with them.

However, I can’t be everywhere, so I’m throwing this open to our readership: How “controller friendly” is your city? Is it seen as totally normal for you to turn up with your own gear and play? Do you have venues where you have to ask for CDJs etc to be set up? Or are you in a place where every bar, lounge and club has its own set-up and it’s still frowned upon to bring your own gear?

So, over to you! Please tell us what it’s like where YOU live in the comments below, and what experiences you’ve had trying to play with your controller, good or bad.

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