Our Core Values #2: DJing Is for Everyone

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Last updated 15 May, 2015


DJing Is For Everyong
Young or old, male or female, wherever you are in the world: DJing is for anyone with a passion for sharing music, as the late Ruth Flowers proved, who was rocking dancefloors at the age of 82! Pic from: Boredpanda

One of the things we despise here at Digital DJ Tips – in any endeavour – is the “closed shop mentality”. It’s the self-appointed “establishment” putting up barriers to entry to protect their little corners. It’s people saying “you’ll never do it, don’t know why you’re trying”. And the reason we hate it is that most of the time what these people are really saying to newcomers is: “I’m scared you’ll succeed and become a threat to me”.

You can understand it to an extent. Things develop and evolve inevitably, and so the rules change but sometimes the “old school” simply refuse to roll with those changes. They just want to keep doing their thing the way they’ve always done it without any desire to adapt, learn and improve – but underneath, they know this means they’ll inevitably become obsolete in the name of both technological progress and advancements in technique. It happens in all aspects of life, not just in DJing, and it’s totally wrong on two levels:

Firstly, in life if you’re not adapting, improving, learning, and changing, you’re basically standing still, slowly dying, and of decreasing value, which is obviously bad for you (whether you want to admit that or not).

But secondly, and much worse, those who constantly discourage newcomers (whether they mean to or not) are attempting to rob those people of their dreams, and all in the name of protecting their own little piece of the pie. How can this be right?

On the contrary, it’s our belief here at Digital DJ Tips that those who share their knowledge and encourage others to succeed end up reaping the rewards themselves too. In a world where people increasingly create rather than just consume, sharing and teaching will more and more win out over suspicion, hostility and ridicule.

When it comes to DJing, we see thousands of enthusiastic and often very talented new DJs joining our books. They are often unpolished and have lots to learn, but they have the required love of music, they understand what makes dancefloors move – and they improve, fast. They always, always deserve our full support, encouragement, and assistance.

So there’s core value number two. Here at Digital DJ Tips, we stand side by side with anyone wanting to try DJing, and make it our mission to help them in kicking down any barriers they find. If this is you, young or old, we will endeavour to support you with every single fibre of our being. Carry on, Jedis. One day soon the world will be yours – and then it will be your turn to nurture and support.

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Do you feel that DJing is for anyone with a strong passion for sharing music? What do you think of this belief, do you share it with us? I’d love to know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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