Denon DJ Drops Price Of SC Live 4 Just Days After Launch

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 7 November, 2022


One of our criticisms of the new Denon DJ SC Live 4 standalone controller was that at its launch price of $1,599, it was priced a little too close to the company’s own Prime 4 unit, which offers considerably more than the SC Live 4.

But the price of the SC Live 4 has just been dropped considerably. Just days after its launch, shops started advertising a price drop. When we checked today, we found the SC Live 4 at £1,129 in the UK, €1,150 in Europe, and $1,299 in the USA – a drop of several hundred pounds/euros/dollars.

Why the drop?

Maybe the company was testing the market at the original price and always had this option priced in, or maybe it was hedging its bets on how popular the unit would be and how many it could supply (and how quickly), did the sums, and realised it could satisfy the higher demand that such a price level would stoke. Or maybe it just took on board the early feedback (it wasn’t just us) and realised the unit had to be cheaper.

Whatever, the good news for potential buyers is that the unit is either in stock right now or “in stock in three weeks”, and at this price, there is clear water between the SC Live 4 and the Prime 4, giving users an easier time deciding which one to go for once they’ve decided on a four-channel Denon DJ standalone unit.

That said, we would imagine many buyers from the first few days of its launch are either returning their units for a refund, or having stiff conversations with the stores they bought them from to recover the difference.

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