Denon Updates Its Engine Software

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Denon Engine
Denon’s iPad-friendly, wireless DJ system for its SC2900 and SC3900 media players has had a spruce up…

Denon DJ has updated its innovative Engine DJ library software for its SC2900 and SC3900 media players, across PC, Mac and the iOS version, it was announced today. Updates for the SC2900 and SC3900 media players have also been announced, to help them to take full advantage of some of the improvements – hot on the back of the announcement of Hybrid Midi Mode for the SC2900.

There’s a new global search, a “hot list” function to allow “must play” tracks to be marked, and a “file emphasis” function marking played tracks. There’s now auto-backup of changes made when assembling a library, better import diagnostics, the chance to import your library from the old Music Manager software, and a BPM tap function.

The media player improvements include easy access to the aforementioned “hotlist”, better browsing / navigation, and more robust handling of malfunctions should a USB get accidentally removed. Specifically for the motorised platter SC3900, there is now improved firmware to fix subtle pitch drifts, and the scratch sound quality when in “Key Adjust” mode had been improved.

The announcement show Denon’s commitment to the Engine platform – a viable alternative to the likes of Pioneer’s CDJ/DJM series with Rekordbox – but it would be nice to see Denon hitting a couple of home runs to further establish this DJing system: I’m thinking the addition of full deck controls within the software and a matching DJ controller, or even software compatibility with other manufacturers’ hardware…

Have you used Engine with either the SC2900 or the SC3900? Do you think a system like this has a place alongside the dominant players? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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